Eldora State Training School

Many challenges face teenagers these days. There are even more challenges for teens that are locked up in the justice system. Juvenile Justice Ministry seeks to connect with lost and hurting teenagers that have wound up in the justice system; whether in detention centers or long-term facilities. We build relationships with young people through large group programming, small group programming, and individual counseling/appointments; serving their needs and being a resource...even a lifeline during their stay. We also seek to be a connector for these students and a faith community that they can belong to as they approach their re-entry. We are an interdenominational organization that ultimately encourages students to grow spiritually through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Interested in Helping Out?

Please contact Brad Hillebrand learn more about JJM at the Eldora State Training School:

bhillebrand@giyfc.org | (319) 429-3648