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Amanda had been picked on for years because of a speech impediment.  At her lowest point, a YFC leader named Sarah noticed her and saw the pain in her eyes and the brokenness of her heart.   That began a life-giving relationship where Sarah invested in Amanda’s life and connected her with a church.  On a summer evening a year later, Sarah had the opportunity to lead Amanda to Christ while sitting on the floor of a camp chapel... all because in a moment of despair, a leader took the time to notice.

That is the mission of Youth For Christ.  We notice spiritually lost kids, discover their stories, and share the love of Christ with them through authentic relationships.  We partner with the local church to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus.

North Iowa and Central Iowa Youth For Christ have been advancing this mission for decades.  As a result, thousands of kids have come to faith in Christ over the years and we celebrate every individual story.  We also acknowledge that the need to share the message of the gospel with this generation of kids has never been greater. 

With this in mind, we are excited to announce that the ministries of Central Iowa Youth For Christ (Des Moines) and North Iowa Youth For Christ (Mason City) have merged to become Greater Iowa Youth For Christ. 

This merger, which has been in the works for over a year, will allow both ministries to operate more effectively and efficiently, as well as expand our mission field so that more kids can be served.  On this page, you will find all the information you need to know about this new chapter in YFC's history including Frequently Asked Questions. If you need more information, feel free to contact our central office at 641-424-9440 or   

This development launches us into a new era of ministry and we are grateful for your faithful partnership.  This is a God-led vision, in which together, we have been called to influence the spiritual formation of local teens.  As we move forward, we do so in a posture of humility and trust, desiring to see countless kids like Amanda come to know and follow Jesus.



Why is this merger happening with North and Central Iowa YFC?

For the past 30 years under the same leadership,  NIYFC has established a track record of sustainable ministry growth across a ten county region. In recent years, the NIYFC Director served as a leadership coach for CIYFC.  Last spring, after the CIYFC Director announced his resignation, the CIYFC board began researching options for the best way forward.  Merging with NIYFC became the most effective way to strengthen the ministry in Des Moines, as well as position the chapter to have a greater impact across both North and Central Iowa. 

What is the new service area and why the Greater Iowa YFC name?

The new service area combines both existing chapter territories, as well as additional unserved counties.  This totals 30 counties, 115 school districts, and nearly 85,000 11-19 year olds.  Greater Iowa Youth For Christ was chosen as the new chapter name to provide a non-geographically defined  umbrella, in which to serve these kids. 

What is the size and scope of the new GIYFC ministry?

Board:  11
Staff:  24
Ministry Sites:  18
Volunteers:  120
Youth Served:  1,200
Budget:  $1,200,000

Will this change the ministry happening in my community?

We have no plans to discontinue the ministry happening in any of our existing communities. Any changes that occur will only enhance and expand the mission in your community through YFC’s ministry models: Campus Life, City Life, Parent Life, YFC Core & Juvenile Justice.

How will this merger impact the staff?

We are retaining all staff from both chapters and empowering them to serve in the roles in which they are most gifted and passionate.  Over time, we will add additional staff to properly support ministry growth. 

Who will oversee the Des Moines ministry?

It is our goal to hire a Central Iowa Director as soon as resources allow. In the meantime, we have a leadership team in place that will provide supervision and staff support in the areas of ministry, operations, and development. 

Is there a central office and if so, where? 

We believe strongly in local community ownership and so each community conducting YFC ministry will have some form of office or ministry center. However, for the sake of economic efficiencies, Mason City will serve as our central donation processing center.  

Does this change where I send my  donations?

Starting in April 2019, if you give by direct mail, your donation will go to our donation  processing center in Mason City.  The address is:

     Greater Iowa Youth for Christ
     PO Box 243
     Mason City, IA 50402-0243

If you give online, you may go to to set up your online giving account.

Who should I make my check out to?

All checks should be made out to Greater Iowa Youth For Christ (GIYFC). However, if you happen to write out a check using North or Central Iowa YFC, we will still be able to process it.

Will my donation stay local?

Yes.  While all donations will be processed at the central office in Mason City, they will be allocated to the local community, ministry center, or staff member as designated by the giving partner.  

What can I expect regarding on-going communication?

Each month, we will issue a receipt for donations and provide a chapter update newsletter, which will be available digitally or by direct mail.  In  addition, if you support a staff member, you will  receive quarterly correspondence from them.  To sign up for our e-newsletter, go to

What happens next?

Although the merger officially started in January 2019, this is our public announcement. This first year will be spent unifying the staff, developing a cohesive ministry culture, and establishing effective ministry, operations, &  development processes.  We will provide progress reports and ask for your patience as we work out the bugs.  Thank you for your faithful partnership in this venture.  We’re excited to see how God moves! 


Do you still have questions? Contact Us! We would love to hear from you!